Set in the Indian Ocean the tropical island Sri Lanka where nature’s beauty remains abundant and unspoilt.

This is an island with a remarkable combination of stunning landscapes, acres of lush tea estates, pristine beaches, and a captivating cultural heritage. Sri Lanka is located closely to the north of the Equator, where the weather is constantly hot, humid and tropical. Sunny skies are the order of the day; even in the brief monsoon season, there is always a daily spell of sunshine. Rolling hills in Sri Lanka are carpeted with some of the best tea plantations in the world. The humidity, cool temperatures, and rainfall in the country provide a climate that favours the production of high quality tea all year round and where tea is grown from sea level to the central highlands with a highest elevation of 2000 meters. The teas produced in each region have their own individual characteristics of flavour, aroma and colour.

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What are the benefits of green tea?

Lots of people think that green tea keeps their weight in check. It was used as a medicine thousands of years ago and used from lowering blood pressure to preventing cancer.
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